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Why Is Conveyor PVC Belt So Popular With Factory

PVC Belt is more popular among many conveyor belt types

Whether it is in the tobacco, electronics, printing, and packaging industries, you can see the PVC Conveyor, or in the chemical and metallurgical industries, you need to use it to transport goods and improve the efficiency of the enterprise. So, why is PVC conveyor belt so popular among enterprises? SCPLUS as pvc conveyor belt manufacturer, summarizes the following six reasons why PVC is liked by people.

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1.Belt Conveyor PVC has high strength, good elasticity and light weight. In addition to these points, non-toxic, no odor, long service life, good abrasion resistance, and low resistance are also the criteria for many companies when choosing conveyor belts;

2.Belt PVC is composed of polyester fiber cloth and polyvinyl chloride glue, and high-quality cotton, nylon, and polyester canvas are used as the belt core, which is not easy to deform;

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3.PVC Belt have non-flammability, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability. It has strong resistance to oxidants, reducing agents and strong acids. With good lateral stability, it can work well in various complicated environments, and can work at a temperature of -10℃~+80℃;

4.PVC Belting has a variety of pattern types, which can transport materials with an inclination of 1 degree to 40 degrees, which can effectively prevent the material from sliding down. Common types of patterns are: herringbone pattern, strip pattern, grass belt pattern, diamond pattern, diamond pattern, I-shape pattern, etc.;

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5.PVC Conveyor Belt product formula design is reasonable, in line with hygienic indicators, moderate color, light and durable, easy to install, easy to maintain, many companies favor such conveyor belts;

6.It is suitable for the food industry or the food industry to transport bulk, canned, and packed grains or foods to a large particle size of 400, and the conveying capacity can be from 1 cubic meter/hour to 6000 cubic meters/hour.

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The above is an introduction to the performance characteristics of PVC conveyor belts. There are many advantages, but it also needs frequent maintenance to last longer. Therefore, always check to avoid load operation, pay attention to the lubrication of the movable parts, but not be contaminated by oil on the pvc conveyor, so that the function of the PVC belt can be better played.

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