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Why Choose Food Grade PU Belt In Food Industry

The material of PU Conveyor Belt is PU, also known as polyurethane. PU belt can be used in many industrial factories and workshops, and it is widely used in the food industry. PU belts comply with FDA food safety and sanitation standards and can be in direct contact with food. Therefore, PU belts are generally used in the food industry. Therefore pu conveyor belt is also called food conveyor belt. In the food industry, white/transparent PU conveyor belts are generally used. Moderate color, no peculiar smell, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, cutting resistance, abrasion resistance, physical aging resistance, etc., are widely used. 
Food PU conveyor belt   
The Rizhi food grade PU Belt has these features:
It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, good flexibility, lightness and toughness of ordinary conveyor belts, and is oil-resistant, non-toxic, hygienic, and easy to clean. It has good abrasion resistance and physical aging resistance.

Let’s take a look at why food companies choose to use food-grade PU Conveyor Belt‍.

1.Don’t worry about contaminating food – Rizhi PU Belt

For food processing enterprises, food hygiene and safety are very important. Therefore, all materials used in production equipment should be non-toxic and harmless. The conveyor belt of the PU Conveyor Belt manufacturer can meet this requirement. All the ingredients in it will not pollute the food. You don’t have to worry about the food being polluted if you put PU in the production line.

PU Conveyor Belt

2.Can be washed – Rizhi PU Belt

In order to ensure the sanitation and safety of food, equipment also needs to be cleaned frequently. If the PU Conveyor Belt is accidentally contaminated with oil during use, it needs to be cleaned in time to avoid the gradual growth of bacteria and food contamination over time. When cleaning, PU conveyor belt can use suitable cleaning agent and water, the cleaning process is very simple. After cleaning, it is not easy to accumulate moisture inside, and the PU conveyor belt will not be moldy.

3.Save costs – Rizhi PU Belt

Because PU conveyor belt has good wear resistance and washing resistance, it has a long service life. For enterprises, the longer the service life of a piece of equipment, the lower the investment cost. Therefore, food manufacturers can save a certain amount of cost by installing PU Conveyor Belting‍ on the production line for use.

PU belts

This is the main reason why food processing companies choose to use food grade PU Conveyor Belts‍. After all, food companies need to consider food safety and production costs. Therefore, they usually choose to buy food-grade transparent PU Conveyor Belt and use them to ensure a safe environment and favorable conditions for food processing and production.

There are many more special designs of this Food Grade PU Belt. Should you are interested to know more about thickness 0.8mm-4.0mm PU belts or any other kind of PU Conveyor belts, please feel free to contact us.

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