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Where is Industrial Felt Belt Used

About Industrial Felt Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts are widely used in industrial conveying, in various types and styles, and are a significant component in conveying products. Felt is the most common type of conveyor belt. Felt conveyor belts are widely used in the cutting industry, the logistics and conveying industry, the ceramics industry and the electronics processing industry. They can be divided into single-sided felt conveyor belts and double-sided felt conveyor belts. Single-sided felt conveyor belts are PVC based belts with a high temperature resistant felt material laminated to the surface. Double-sided felted conveyor belts are made of a strong polyester layer with a heat resistant felt material on both sides.

felt conveyor belt for electronics industrial felt belt for ceramic

Industrial Felt Belt Application

In the electronics processing industry, electronic components are processed. Static electricity is everywhere in life and can cause damage to electronic components or affect their service life. For this reason, anti-static conveyor belts are generally used in the electronics industry. Felt conveyor belts are used very frequently in the electronics industry. It prevents static electricity from damaging the electronic components by conducting the electricity generated in the high-speed conveyor through the felt.
In the ceramics industry, it is well known that ceramics are fragile items and have high requirements for transport. Felt conveyor belts are mostly made of wool, but also of cow hair or fibers, which are bonded together using a process. Felt conveyor belts are soft and can be used for soft conveying at high speeds. It does not cause any damage to the surface of the conveyed goods and is also impact resistant.

industrial felt conveyor belt

The many advantages of felt conveyor belts have made them very popular. Whether you are a cutter, a ceramic manufacturer, an electronics manufacturer or an aluminum extruder, you can choose us. China SCplus Conveyor Belt Manufacturer offers you the most professional conveying solutions at all times.

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