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What Types and Performance of Conveyor Belts Logistics

Information verification may seem incompatible with conveyor belts. However, with the advancement of society, science and technology have elevated logistics technology to a higher level. The on-time production is also more accurate than before. The role and function of logistics are becoming more and more complete, and the use of materials is also differentiated according to the specific environment. So, what are the types and properties of commonly used framework materials for conveyor belts logistics?

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1.The overall fabric core

The well-known overall fabric core of the belt logistics is a unique skeleton material for the conveyor belt. Its organizational structure is complex, and it is divided into two systems: double warp and single warp. To improve the bonding performance between the tape core and the cover rubber, sometimes the surface of the warp threads is covered with cotton fibres. The whole fabric belt core is impregnated with PVC emulsion to make PVC (full plastic) integral fabric core flame retardant conveyor belt, and the PVC (rubber plastic) critical fabric core can be made by adding an adhesive layer based on the PVC integral fabric core flame retardant conveyor belt. Flame retardant conveyor belt. The necessary fabric core flame retardant conveyor belt is non-layered, and its all-around performance is better than that of the layered canvas core conveyor belt.

2.Polyester canvas

Polyester fibre has the characteristics of high modulus and low shrinkage. Polyester canvas includes polyester canvas and polyester/nylon interwoven canvas. In addition to the advantages of nylon canvas, polyester canvas also has low elongation, good heat resistance, and low price. Polyester/nylon interwoven canvas is a standard or high-modulus low-shrinkage polyester industrial yarn. Therefore, the canvas has the advantages of low elongation in the warp direction and good driveability in the weft direction. It has become an essential development product for canvas, and its demand Is growing.

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3.Steel wire rope core

The steel wire is drawn from an excellent special high-carbon steel and steel wire with high carbon content. The surface of the steel wire for logistics conveyor belts needs to be galvanized or copper-plated. The meaning of the coating is to increase the adhesion between the steel wire and the rubber, and the second is to prevent the steel wire from rusting. From the perspective of corrosion protection, copper plating is better than zinc plating. At present, the steel wire ropes for conveyor belts produced in the industry are galvanized.

The individual needs of customers, the renewal of modern society, and the timely application of parts and components of conveyor belts logistics, etc., constantly demand the power of logistics transportation. Among them, intelligent factors are continually innovating, and material skeletons are also based on different transportation occasions, environments, or goods. Make changes to its characteristics to adapt to the new environment. Provide the efficiency and benefit of the production line.

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