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What Is TPU Food Belt

“TPU food belts” likely refers to conveyor belts made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) materials that are specifically designed for use in the food industry. These belts are commonly used to transport food products through various stages of production, processing, and packaging.

TPU food belt is a type of polymer known for its excellent mechanical properties, including high abrasion resistance, flexibility, and durability. When used in conveyor belts for the food industry, TPU offers several advantages:

Food-grade material: TPU food belts are made from food-safe materials and comply with regulatory standards for food contact, ensuring they don’t contaminate the products being transported.
Hygienic: TPU is easy to clean and maintain, which is crucial for food processing environments where sanitation is a top priority.
Wear resistance: TPU food belts can withstand continuous use and abrasion, making them suitable for applications that involve frequent loading and unloading of food products.
Flexibility: TPU belts can adapt to various conveyor configurations, including curved conveyors, allowing for efficient movement of food products through the production line.
Low coefficient of friction: TPU has a low coefficient of friction, which helps reduce the chance of product sticking to the belt surface during transport.
High resistance to oils and chemicals: TPU is less prone to damage from oils, fats, and cleaning agents used in food processing environments.

TPU food belt SCplus

TPU Food Belt Features:

High-temperature resistance: These belts maintain their superior functionality at continuous temperatures of up to 110 °C / 230 °F, making them ideal for demanding bakery applications. Enjoy a significantly extended belt service life.
Improved hydrolysis resistance: Our specially crafted material provides enhanced resistance to hydrolysis, ensuring the belts can withstand rigorous steam- and water-based cleaning, even in hot and humid conditions.
Minimized fraying of belt edges: The combination of unique fabrics in the belt design minimizes the risk of long fibers tearing. Consequently, the belt edges remain well-protected without the need for additional sealants. For wet applications, we also offer Habasit edge sealing, providing extra protection against fluid ingress.
Low wicking: Thanks to an innovative impregnation formula on the reverse/running side, water, fats, and oils have minimal access. This lowers the risk of microbial growth and cross-contamination.

TPU food belt

TPU conveyor belt has become the preferred conveyor belt material for the food industry due to its excellent durability, temperature resistance, hygiene and adaptability, as well as its excellent performance in the food processing environment.

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