What Is Flat Belt? Applications and Features

The yellow-green flat belt is also called a high-speed flat belt. It is made of highly wear-resistant special synthetic rubber or leather as the friction layer and a high-strength nylon base as the skeleton layer. Its reasonable belt structure enables this product to have excellent comprehensive transmission performance. It has a long service life, a transmission efficiency greater than 99%, a transmission speed greater than 60 meters/second, good bendability, stable dimensions, and a constant friction coefficient.

Flat conveyor belt

Features of Flat Belt

The yellow-green flat belt has an innovative and unique material structure. Compared with traditional canvas transmission and triangle belts, it has the following advantages: strong pulling force, resistance to flexing, high efficiency, low noise, fatigue resistance, good wear resistance, and long service life.

Wear resistance
The yellow-green flat belt uses nylon sheets as the base material, which has high wear resistance and can withstand greater friction and wear.

High-temperature resistance
The yellow-green flat belt can withstand temperatures and operate stably in high-temperature environments.

Tear resistance
Due to its strong tear resistance, the yellow-green flat belt is not easily scratched or torn by sharp objects during transportation.

Oil resistance
Due to its strong tear resistance, the yellow-green flat belt is not easily scratched or torn by sharp objects during transportation.

Environmental protection
The yellow-green flat belt is non-toxic and odorless, meets environmental protection requirements, and can be widely used in the transportation of food, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Flat Belt Applications

Food industry: Yellow-green flat belts are widely used in the food industry to transport candy, biscuits, meat, vegetables and other foods. Its environmental protection performance meets food safety requirements, and it is wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, ensuring food hygiene and quality.

Logistics industry: Yellow-green flat belts are widely used in airport baggage transportation and logistics warehouse cargo transportation. Its wear-resistant and tear-resistant characteristics can ensure the stable operation of the conveyor belt and improve logistics efficiency.

Pharmaceutical industry: Yellow-green flat belts can be used in pharmaceutical packaging, filling, transportation, and other places. Its non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly properties comply with the hygienic requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Other industries: In addition to the abovementioned sectors, yellow-green flat belts are also widely used in textile, printing, electronics, and other industries, becoming important industrial belts.

Flat Belt from SCplus

How To Choose Flat Belt

For flat belts different industries, different machines, and different products use different flat belts, so there are many types of flat belts. Only finding the flat belt that suits your production needs will benefit industry production. Convenient and improved production efficiency, how to choose a flat belt?

When choosing a belt, be sure to observe its surface. The cleanliness and tidiness of the belt surface are secondary. As long as the surface of the belt is not extremely dirty, it is acceptable. However, regarding the belt’s appearance, the key to note is to ensure that the surface of the belt is not deformed or twisted, and the teeth of the belt must be full and firm. This is the basic condition and prerequisite for purchasing a flat belt.

Then, when purchasing a flat belt, you must measure the specifications and shape accordingly. Some paired values will not be accurate to one millimeter, and a range of differences can be allowed. However, the premise of this difference range is that it does not affect future use. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the winding performance of the flat belt reaches the standard of the flat belt. The stronger the winding performance, the more convenient it will be for work, improving work efficiency.

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