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What Is Conveyor Belt In Logistics

Logistics conveyor belts are mechanical devices that automatically convey items in logistics and production environments. They usually consist of a long, continuous ribbon that runs the length of the device. Logistics conveyor belts are widely used in many industries, including manufacturing, logistics and distribution centers, storage facilities, airports, ports, etc.

Logistics conveyor belt

There are many types and forms of design and use of logistics conveyor belts to meet different logistics needs. Here are some common logistics conveyor belt types:

Roller conveyor belt: It consists of a belt-like object supported by rollers. The rollers can reduce the friction of items during conveying and provide stable transportation.
Belt conveyor belt: It consists of a flat belt-like object supported by rollers or rollers. Belt conveyors can transport items of different types and sizes, including crates, bagged products, parts, and more.
Gravity conveyor belt: It automatically uses the item’s gravity to slide on the inclined surface. Gravity conveyor belts are often used in inclined or declining areas to convey items from one location to another automatically.
Web Conveyor: It consists of a mesh structure and transports smaller items such as envelopes, letters and small parts. This conveyor belt prevents items from falling or sliding.
Chain Conveyor Belt: It consists of a series of linked metal links and is used for transporting heavy items or in high-load environments. Chain conveyor belts are commonly used in heavy machinery, automotive assembly lines, etc.

These are just some of the common types of logistics belts. There are others specially designed to meet specific logistics needs. Logistics conveyor belts can increase production efficiency, reduce manual labor and provide safe transportation of items.

Logistics belt

Logistics conveyor belt features

  1. Conveyor belt with lightweight and easy installation:
    Because the logistics sorting line is basically in operation every day, it is necessary to ensure that the conveyor belt is light, easy to install and maintain for such high-frequency use.
  2. Conveyor belt with high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance:
    Because the total amount of goods transported by the logistics sorting line is large daily, and the conveyor belt bears heavy loads, the logistics conveyor belt must have high strength, wear resistance, and impact resistance.
  3. Flame retardant conveyor belt:
    Because if a fire accident occurs on the logistics sorting line site, it will be out of control, so the logistics conveyor belt needs fire and flame retardant properties.

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