What Conveyor Belts Are Used In Logistics Transportation Systems

As a well-known conveyor belt solution provider, SCplus Belt has long been paying attention to the fast-paced, high-intensity, and diversified needs of the logistics industry, fully understanding the performance and quality requirements of conveyor belts in each section, and creating an overall solution for the entire logistics transportation section to help The logistics industry reduces costs and increases efficiency.

1. Conveyor belt
The impregnated PVK conveyor belt developed by SCplus Belt meets the functional needs of different work sections and uses a reinforced fabric with a whole-core structure. The physical properties of the finished product, such as extension, tensile strength, and puncture resistance, are all better than those of conventional PVC conveyor belts. The impregnation process prevents the conveyor belt from delamination due to long use and extends the belt’s service life.

    Low noise
    Effectively reduce the overall operating noise by changing the internal composition and structure of the fabric. At the same time, customized products also meet the needs of some customers in specific high-speed sections.

    Energy saving
    SCplus Belt TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) logistics conveyor belt, compared with traditional PVC conveyor belt, its material specific gravity has been effectively reduced, and it is lighter, higher strength and superior in performance.

    Wear-resistant and puncture-resistant
    The PVK impregnation process is used, which is different from the traditional coating process, so that the slurry can fully penetrate the fabric layer through multi-pass extrusion of the equipment to increase the strength of the belt. In the case of large pieces, it can be upgraded to PUK and a PU coating is added to the PVK surface layer. , enhance the anti-wear effect, effectively prevent damage to the belt body by sharp objects, and greatly extend the product’s service life.

    Weather resistance
    It has excellent low-temperature resistance and can still maintain toughness to avoid surface cracking and damage to the conveyor belt in outdoor low-temperature environments. And it runs stably and performs well.

    The conveyor belt is firm, soft, wear-resistant, pollution-free, and has the characteristics of flame retardant, mildew-proof, and anti-static.

    Conveyor Belt For Logistics Industry

    2. Modular mesh belt

      SCplus Belt selects raw materials with superior performance (POM, PP, PE), professional and sophisticated mold processing and injection molding equipment, simulation experiments and testing equipment for various products. The modular mesh belt products produced have the characteristics of large load capacity, easy cleaning and maintenance: convenience and other features.

      Large load capacity prevents grinding
      Low-wear modified composite material has a strong bearing capacity and prevents grinding.

      Prevent beads from falling off
      Enhanced structural design prevents beads from falling off.

      Resistant to stretch and impact
      Using modified materials and enhanced structural design, the tensile and impact resistance has been improved to a certain extent.

      Easy maintenance and replacement
      Easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, high/low temperature resistant, and easy to replace modules.

      3. Timing belt

        Transmission is accurate and stable
        Various pitches are available, including meshing transmission, accurate transmission ratio, small force on the shaft, and compact and stable structure.

        SCplus Belt polyurethane timing belt uses thermoplastic technology and high-strength steel wire core connection. The strong layer of the steel wire core is coated with glue to give the belt high wear and shear resistance. The unique structure of the high-strength steel wire core ensures that it maintains stable and reliable strength under various complex working conditions.

        Diversified customization
        Rich product accumulation, various backing materials and special processing are available.

        Resistant to shearing and aging
        Excellent wear resistance, shear resistance and aging resistance.

        Assistive device support
        We can provide miniaturized synchronous belt presses or synchronous belt products with pin-type joints.

        Timing belt

        SCplus Belt’s conveyor belt products have been widely used in many logistics industries, including e-commerce, express delivery, and more. Based on years of accumulated on-site experience, maintenance data analysis, and professional and flexible service concepts, SCplus Belt has gained widespread customer trust. It has become the preferred brand in the industry.

        SCplus Belt has a lot of experience and knowledge in using conveyor belts. It can provide a wide range of product selection and R&D innovation, processing and customization of various accessories, and full-process after-sales follow-up services. Please feel free to contact us for pattern styles, connection methods, auxiliary equipment, and more issues related to conveyor belts in the logistics industry.

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