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What Can Cause PU Belt To Slip

According to relevant survey statistics, PU conveyor belts have been widely used in logistics, packaging and printing industries as durable anti-aging conveyor belts. In order to improve the efficiency of the PU transmission belt during use, prevent the PU belt from slipping. SCplus summarized three reasons that may cause PU conveyor belt slip:

1. Speed of PU belt is too different from that of the roller

It is well known that PU conveyor belts mainly rely on the transmission of conveyor belts and rollers to achieve rapid transportation. However, when the speed of the conveyor belt is too different from the speed of the roller, it may cause PU conveyor belt to fail to keep up with the speed of the roller and cause slipping. Therefore, the speed of the conveyor belt and the roller must be reasonably controlled at the beginning of the shipment.

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2. The friction coefficient of the roller surface is not large enough

In addition to the excessive difference in speed, the reason for the slippage of the PU conveyor belting may also be due to the insufficient friction coefficient of the roller surface. The low surface friction coefficient of the roller surface will result in insufficient friction at the junction of the roller and the PU conveyor belt, which will cause the conveyor belt to deviate from the predetermined transportation track due to insufficient fixing force.

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3.Load start

PU conveyor belts may also cause slipping when starting under load. Especially when the load is too heavy, the starting speed of the PU conveyor belt is lower than that of the roller, resulting in incompatibility between the two speeds. In the initial stage of the load start, abnormal phenomena such as accidental deviation may occur. Generally speaking, it is not suitable to start directly Add load, and load operation after the conveyor belt runs stably.

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SCplus PU Belt Features:

  1. Increase the transmission angle
  2. less occupied area, less investment
  3. large conveying capacity, higher conveying height
  4. It can smooth transit from horizontal to tilt(vertica)
  5. It is suitable to convey powder, granule, small lump and liquid
  6. Low energy consumption, simple construction, high strength, long service life

If PU conveyor belt is in the process of transporting tobacco, food packaging or wood transportation, if the PU belt slips. Then it is necessary to consider whether the speed of the conveyor belt is too different from that of the roller, whether the friction coefficient of the roller surface is not large enough, or whether the load starts. Judging from these three aspects, the problem can be quickly identified and resolved effectively. SCplus (Rizhi Transmission) will provide you with more knowledge about the problems that Conveyor Belt will often encounter or solving conveyor belt problems.

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