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What Are Types of Protection Switches for Logistics Conveyor Belts

In today’s society, logistics as a transfer station includes transport products and storage or automated picking and even classification. When workers are transporting, the protection mechanism is gradually improved to protect the safety of workers and product transportation. To avoid accidents during the process, what kinds of protection switches are there for logistics conveyor belts

1.The protection features of the deviation detection switch

Reliable quality logistics conveyor belt. When the running conveyor belt slightly deviates, the switch will act. The monitoring terminal will alarm the operator that the conveyor belt differs; when the running conveyor belt severely turns, the button will perform the monitoring terminal and give an alarm. The conveyor belt stops. In the setting, it should be ensured that at least one set of deflection switches should be set at the head, tail, and positions of the conveyor belt that are easy to contact with the steel structure. The form of the switch is as follows:

Vertical roller type rotary limit switch, installed in pairs on both sides of the conveyor belt.
The vertical roller is perpendicular to the conveyor belt when deviation occurs.
The belt pushes the vertical roller to move, triggering the switch action.

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2. Protection characteristics of the tension detection switch.

The well-known logistics conveyor belt, when the conveyor belt breaks, the steel wire rope breaks and other conditions cause the counterweight to fall, the switch will act, and the monitoring terminal will give an alarm to stop the conveyor belt. The switch form is as follows: set a mechanical limit at an influential position under the counterweight, install it at a reasonable height, and the tensioning trolley touches the automatic stop of the limit switch; the limit action triggers an alarm to stop.

3. Protection characteristics of the emergency stop protection switch

When the switch is triggered, the switch alarms and stops the conveyor belt; there are several types of controls: rope pull switch, installed on both sides of the belt conveyor frame in the conveyor belt corridor, connecting the rope without jamming, the switch signal should be connected to the conveyor belt control system and emergency stop challenging wire loop; emergency stop button, Installed in the local operation box along the line, the switch signal should be connected to the conveyor belt control system, and the emergency stop hard-wire loop.

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Logistics is the flow of items, and the conveyor belt has the nature of conveying. During the conveying process, automatic sorting and scanning are carried out. Now in the automated process, the integration of intelligent factors ensures the stability of the logistics conveyor belt, saves raw materials and saves labour. Continuous and stable output ensures the reliability of the logistics industry and enhances the overall national strength.

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