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What are the Materials for PVC Conveyor Belt

Most of the companies that are manufacturing industries use PVC conveyor belts in their factories. It is possible that many customers do not understand the main materials of PVC belts. In fact, the composition of PVC conveyor belt will determine the PVC application scenario. SCplus Conveyor Belt analyzes the material of PVC conveyor belts in detail.

PVC Conveyor Belting

The scientific name of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, mainly consisting of PVC and tension layer. The thickness of our common PVC conveyor belt is 1-6mm, and the standard colors of PVC conveyor belt are green, black, white, yellow, dark green, red, etc.

The tensile layer of PVC conveyor belt is mainly made of cotton, industrial polyester fabric, etc.; the weaving method is plain, twill, three-dimensional weave, etc. Different processes have different characteristics. Our common low-noise class products are polyester-cotton blended fabrics of twill weave class. As the thickness of the product increases, the corresponding number of layers of cloth and the thickness of PVC also increase.

tensile layer of PVC conveyor belt

There are many patterns of PVC conveyor belts that we commonly see. In fact, they are made by embossing rollers during conveyor belt production. This produces different patterns with different friction coefficients for application in different scenarios.

This is the PVC conveyor belt that we usually buy. Of course, if you need a PVC conveyor belt, you must provide the corresponding parameters. Our processing can customize it before it can be sent to you for assembly, commissioning, operation and use. If you need conveyor belt, please feel free to contact us.

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