What are Restrictions on Applicable Temperature of PU Belt

PU Conveyor Belt is a special type of conveyor belt. The real food-grade raw material used in polyurethane is destined to be able to shine in the food processing industry. Therefore, even if the price of PU Belt is compared with other types of products Higher, it will not affect the urgent market demand. However, what are the restrictions on the applicable temperature of PU transmission belt, the following is a detailed introduction to this problem.

PU conveyor belt

1.The high temperature is within 80 degrees

The material used in the PU Belt is quite special. In addition to the advantage of being able to achieve real food grade, it also has good performance in high temperature and low temperature resistance. Under normal circumstances, PU belts can be used normally within a temperature of 80 degrees. This does not mean that they cannot be used in an environment where the temperature exceeds 80 degrees. It is just that cracks will appear on the surface after this temperature. And gradually fall off and reduce its service life.

2.The low temperature is above -10 degrees

In addition to the high temperature resistance of the PU transmission belt, its low temperature resistance performance is also worthy of recognition. Usually it can be used normally in a temperature environment above -10 degrees, but it can be used at lower temperatures. The surface of the PU belt will harden during the meeting, which will affect the smoothness of the operation. If it is used in an outdoor environment, the impact will be even greater. However, if you want to use it in a low-temperature environment, you can also customize it to achieve the corresponding use requirements.

PU Belt

After understanding the relevant restrictions on the applicable temperature of the PU Conveyor Belt, now the understanding of the PU belt has come to a new stage. There is undoubtedly a broader space for the application of this kind of edible conveyor belt products. However, as a customer, only by cooperating with a truly professional PU transmission belt manufacturer can a more ideal use effect be achieved. Create greater benefits.

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