What are Methods of Splicing Flat Belt

In industrial production, the position of the conveyor belt is very important. The emergence of the conveyor belt led to the improvement of production efficiency and increased the output of industrial production. Those who understand the flat belt should know that the conveyor belt needs to be connected to an endless belt to realize the back-and-forth transmission of products. On industrial belts, there are different methods for splicing flat conveyor belts. The commonly used methods are cold bonding splicing, mechanical splicing and heat vulcanized splicing. These three methods have their characteristics and are suitable for different situations. The following SCplus Belt will introduce these three methods in detail:

Methods of Splicing Flat Belt

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1. Mechanical connection usually refers to the use of belt buckle joints. This method is convenient and economical. It is usually used to connect flat conveyor belts below grade 8. However, this connection method has some disadvantages, such as low joint efficiency and easy damage, which will have a certain impact on the service life of the conveyor belt product. The belt buckle connection is equivalent to 28%-45% of the strength of the conveyor belt itself.

2. Cold bonding connection is to use cold adhesive for connection. This method is more economical and effective than the mechanical connection method, and the joint effect is also ideal. However, from the perspective of actual use, there are also certain defects. Because the process conditions are difficult to grasp, the quality of the adhesive on the joint will have a greater impact on the joint, so the stability is not strong.

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3. Thermal vulcanization splicing has been verified to be an ideal method. This connection method can not only ensure the high efficiency of the joint but also have sufficient stability, and the life of the joint is long and easy to grasp. From the microscopic composition perspective, the conveyor belt’s main components are the skeleton material, the covering layer and the base material. Among them, the covering layer is the key part that determines its performance and use. However, this method has disadvantages, such as process failure, high cost, and long joint time. The strength of the mechanical heat vulcanized joint is equivalent to 60%-80% of the strength of the flat belt itself.

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The above is a detailed introduction to the three methods of flat conveyor belt connection. Different connection methods have other characteristics and must be selected according to actual needs.

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