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Conveyor Belt For Food Industry

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Food Rough Processing

The rough processing stage is mainly to transport heavy food. So this stage mainly uses PVC conveyor belt. PVC belt has the characteristics of wear resistance, tear resistance, high strength, etc. PVC conveyors are widely used in fruit and vegetable processing industries in the food industry.

food grade conveyor belt

Food Finishing

Because the conveyor belt is in direct contact with the food at this stage, the conveyor belt must meet the food grade requirements. Mainly to PU conveyor belt, PE conveyor belt. For example, bakery products (sandwiches, bread, cakes), canned food, seafood, and other production lines are mainly conveyed by PU. PU conveyor color is white and blue for the food industry.

PU food grade belt conveyor


In the packaging stage, not only food packaging but also carton packaging all require conveyor belts. There are various types of packaging equipment and many types of conveyor belts. For example, there are food grade PU conveyor belts, ordinary PVC conveyor belts, high-speed transmission timing belts, film base belts, and carton packaging breathable belts. Therefore, food industry manufacturers will choose food grade PU conveyor belts


Endless Feltbelts Wool 100%(WOF100/60)


Truly endless woollen belts for dough forming (mostly baguettes forming).
Please note: 100% wool felt is a natural product and therefore the weight and colour may differ slightlybetween production batches.Wool fibers have a high concentration of fatty acids which keeps wool fabricfrom mildewing or retaining odours.

Product modelWOF100/60
Area Weight (g/m3) 1360土90
Possible Length(mm)900-1350(inner circumference)
Tensile Strength MD(N/5 cm)> 1400
Tensile Strength CD(N/5 cm)> 1000
Elongation At Break MD25-35 %
Elongation At Break CD40- 60 %


Ecological and Renewable.

Flame Retardan.

Highly Durable.


Resists Soiling.


Wool Belts

Truly endless woollen belts for dough forming mostly croissants forming.


WooL 100%

Food Industry+Oil Resistant.
Highly Durable+Hypoallergenic+Resists Soiling

The Food Industry-SCplus

Food Industry Conveyor Belt Description

The food industry conveyor belt has very strict requirements for food safety and hygiene, so the food conveyor belt launched by Rizhi is very in line with food safety and hygiene requirements. Rizhi conveyor belts accelerate the development of the food industry, increase productivity and conveying speed. According to the product thickness and color research and development, it can be divided into different colors (red, yellow, green, blue, gray, white, black, dark blue and green, transparent) and thickness products. The thickness can be produced from 0.8MM to 11.5MM. The width can be processed from 10-10000mm.

Food Conveyor Belt (PU beltPVC belt) Features:

It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, good flexibility, lightness and toughness of ordinary conveyor belts, and is oil-resistant, non-toxic, hygienic, and easy to clean. It has good abrasion resistance and physical aging resistance.

SCplus food industry conveyor belt application:

Bakery/ Confectionery and chocolate/ Meat, poultry and seafood/ Dairy/ Agriculture and Fruits & Vegetables/ Bone separation machine