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SCplus recommend you the Single-Side Grey Felt Belt Thickness 1.2mm and 1.6mm which have been used in various industry. For getting more information please click the link: https://feltconveyor.com/product/single-side-grey-felt-belt-thickness-1-6mm-4/ https://feltconveyor.com/product/single-side-grey-felt-belt-thickness-1-2mm-5/…
POSTED 11/10/2021
Scplus  provides special modification on conveyor belts and transmission belts. Case 1. Adding the guide bar to the felt belt. We have a lot of customers who needs the special…
POSTED 30/07/2021
Many customers know the critical role of industrial felt conveyor belts in the steel, tire and conveying industries. For example, some perforated industrial felt belts. After special processing, it…
POSTED 18/07/2021