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FAQ Description

In industrial production, the position of the conveyor belt is very important. The emergence of the conveyor belt led to the improvement of production efficiency and increased the output…
POSTED 23/03/2023
Most of the companies that are manufacturing industries use PVC conveyor belts in their factories. It is possible that many customers do not understand the main materials of PVC…
POSTED 06/10/2022
Model:NN-8PE/R16 Size in one roll: 200M*1280*1.6MM This kind of belt has been widely used on large variety of paper industry, such as paper packaging, writing, printing, newspaper,graphics paper, silicon…
POSTED 10/12/2021
Main Characteristics: Temperature Resistance: 180℃ ,230 ℃, 240 ℃ or higher temperature as you inquired. Size: We usually provide width from 3200mm ,3500mm,length as your request. Thickness: same heat…
POSTED 29/11/2021

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