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Model:NN-8PE/R16 Size in one roll: 200M*1280*1.6MM This kind of belt has been widely used on large variety of paper industry, such as paper packaging, writing, printing, newspaper,graphics paper, silicon…
POSTED 10/12/2021
Main Characteristics: Temperature Resistance: 180℃ ,230 ℃, 240 ℃ or higher temperature as you inquired. Size: We usually provide width from 3200mm ,3500mm,length as your request. Thickness: same heat…
POSTED 29/11/2021
The technical specification of the Grass Pattern PVC Conveyor Belt are: –    Fixed Sizes –   Abrasion Resistance –   Good Elasticity –   Buffer Resistance – Anti Skidding – Good…
POSTED 18/11/2021
What is Filter bag? The filter bag is to flit the dust in the bag house and to separate dust and pollutant in a baghouse.   What is the…
POSTED 12/11/2021

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