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How to keep the passion fire burning at work? Constantly exploring different fields: Learning Summarizing Trying to get the breakthroughs Verifying the results continuously. SCplus conveys you to the…
POSTED 18/02/2022
Model:NN-8PE/R16 Size in one roll: 200M*1280*1.6MM This kind of belt has been widely used on large variety of paper industry, such as paper packaging, writing, printing, newspaper,graphics paper, silicon…
POSTED 10/12/2021
Amos and SCott will introduce our Felt belt and its specs We have two types DOUBLE sides  and single side belt, so the advantage of the felt belt :…
POSTED 29/11/2021
If the felt belt will become smaller on your heat transfer machine during the usage, and what if the belt will have the waves and become unstable in the…
POSTED 26/11/2021
The technical specification of the Grass Pattern PVC Conveyor Belt are: –    Fixed Sizes –   Abrasion Resistance –   Good Elasticity –   Buffer Resistance – Anti Skidding – Good…
POSTED 18/11/2021
The technical specifications of the PVK belt –    Anti-skidding –  Abrasion Resistance –  Anti-stamping –  Dirt Resistance Because of these specs, that’s why we could see our customers use this…
POSTED 18/11/2021
Technical Specification of the Straight Stripe PVC Conveyor Belt are: –   Inflammation Resistance –   Good Flexibility –   Anti-Skidding –   Comes with Vulcanization Joint. Our customers has widely used this product on logistics equipment….
POSTED 15/11/2021

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