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Solution of the special size of the conveyor belt

Today, our teammate Amos shares a case about special size conveyor belt.

Our customer has a special request on the size of their machine, in general the length of the conveyor belt is much larger than the width, but in this case, the length and width of the belt is almost the same, especially the width is larger than the length. In order to prevent the misunderstanding in the production, except the style, color, size of the belt and the splicing method. Our salesman also needs to take note on the width and the ring length of the belt and,if that possible attach a drawing of the belt to make sure that the size of the belt fits with the requirement of the customer.

If the customer requires to add the guide bar on their conveyor belt, our salesman needs to confirm well the size of the guide bar, color, teeth or without teeth. But the most important information they need to confirm the center of the guide bar one side and the other and the technical sheet that will help the factory to reduce the tolerance of the guide bar of the belt, to make sure it will fit well on the machine.

Conclusion: If the customer has the request on the special size of the conveyor belt, the salesman must figure out the actual size on their machine, and to transfer the complete info to the factory in a clear manner. If the guide bar must be added, except the info of the guide bar, the center distance of the belt also needs clarify before placing the order to the factory



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