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FILLING FELTBELT POLYESTER FOAM Model:FEFOR80  3/800 800 g Special felt of Polyester, needled on Polyurethane foam, to give a very good resilience. Working temperature up to 120℃ Standard length:…
POSTED 13/06/2022
Our new factory  is located in Jiangsu province which is much more close to Shanghai only 6 hours on road, which means it could be much more quicker to…
POSTED 08/03/2022
Conveyor belts that convey food are more demanding than conveyor belts that convey other products. Therefore, the food conveyor belt must ensure that it is safe, non-toxic, hygienic, and…
POSTED 05/03/2022
How to keep the passion fire burning at work? Constantly exploring different fields: Learning Summarizing Trying to get the breakthroughs Verifying the results continuously. SCplus conveys you to the…
POSTED 18/02/2022

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