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Roller Covers Heat Resistant Nomex Felt for Aluminum Extrusion

Heat Resistant Nomex Felt for Aluminum Extrusion

SCplus belt specializes in producing heat resistant nomex felt products for applying aluminum profiles after thermal processing. The main products include seamless ring belts, felt rollers, flat felt strips, aluminium anti-scuffing protection strips, aging felt covers, timing belts with felt, high temperature gloves, etc. The temperature resistance is 600°C, 500°C, 280°C and 180°C. Over the years, SCplus conveyor belt manufacturer has served many manufacturers of aluminum extrusion profiles and equipment at home and abroad.

The introduction of felt roller covers products is as follows:
Very high-temperature roller PBO, 600°C, for the initial stage (before the interruption of sawing).
High-temperature roller sleeve, aramid fiber, Kevlar, yellow, 480°C, for slide table (after sawing interruption).
Medium temperature roller sleeve, meta-aramid fiber, Nomex, 280℃, suitable for use after interruption of sawing in aluminum extrusion handling system.
Low-temperature tube, polyester, 180 ℃, used for roller conveying racks such as aluminum profile hot extrusion conveying cooling bed equipment fixed-length table raceway.

This product is suitable for mechanical insulation, cold-proof, shock-proof, leak-proof, and leak-proof aluminum profiles and various industries.
Hard felt has good polishing performance, and soft felt has good oil absorption. It is also widely used in other industries.
For example, it is widely used in machinery, electromechanical, chemical industry, cement, textile industry, decoration, handicrafts,
It can also be used in marble, stainless steel, precision furniture polishing, aircraft, automobiles, trains, ships, machine tools, and other equipment.
The function is dustproof, sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation, heat preservation, and so on.

Roller Covers Heat Resistant Nomex Felt

Aluminum extrusion heat resistant nomex felt feature

1. Adopts hydraulic lifting slide table and drives the high-temperature roller with a chain.
2. High temperature resistant rollers are used on the slide table to reduce the wear and tear of the rollers caused by the high-temperature profile.
3. Adopt ring belt type temperature resistant felt to reduce the wear and tear of aluminum profile transmission.
4. The aluminum material is shifted and transported to maintain the proper distance between the aluminum profiles.

Industrial nomex endless felt belts for aluminum profile

Industrial Felt is mainly used for aluminum extrusion production lines, including Initial Table, Run-out Table, Pick-up Table, Cooling Table, Stretcher Table, Storage Table, Finish Cut Saw Table, Aging Furnace, etc. And it fit different types of handling system.
SCplus Belt is nomex felt conveyor belt manufacturer. We can provide a professional solution for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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