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We are the research and development center of SCPLUS!

On this time, we have strong technique support from our R&D Lab in factory to do it smoothly.


Product Technology R & D Center

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Basic nd Applied Research
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Product Development
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Technical Training

In terms of industry-university-research.

The SCPLUS has carried out a number of industry-university-research cooperation with polymer research centers of well-known universities. 

Guided by the national industrial strategy and market demand, the SCPLUS has established a joint experimental center to develop technology in the fields of functional polymer materials and adhesives. Research, product development, process design, product testing and other key work.

Involved industries

Continued efforts to protect the environment

Environmental protection is the responsibility of SCPULUS and an important factor that affects the long-term development of SCPULUS. In terms of product technology layout, SCPULUS continuously reduces the use of solvents, conducts in-depth research on more environmentally friendly water-based adhesive product formulations, optimizes production equipment, and introduces high-end treatment equipment to reduce emissions of exhaust gas, wastewater and waste.

Develop accumulated core competencies

The industry’s strict R&D management system, fast response mechanism, agile project management, 

and efficient customer interaction can ensure that customers’ urgent needs for new products are met in a timely manner.

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Senior R&D team in the industry

The research center currently has 20 full-time R&D technicians, including 15 R&D personnel with a high degree or above.

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Emphasis on technological innovation

Invest a lot of financial resources to enhance the technological innovation capability of enterprises

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Industry, University and Research

We actively promote the integrated development of production, education and research


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Product Customization

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