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PVC Conveyor Belt Joint Three Types from SCPLUS

How many types of joints does PVC conveyor belt have? Main three types. PVC belt is mainly used in the food industry. Because the PVC conveyor belt is made of white & light-colored pure natural polyvinyl chloride. It will not affect the food hygiene and peculiar smell covering layer, and it meets the food hygiene standards.But many friends purchase PVC conveyor belts for the first time. They don’t know how to connect the PVC conveyor belt joints. SCPLUS Conveyor Belt Supplier provides PVC conveyor belt joint method solution. Help everyone to solve the PVC joint problem.

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1.PVC Conveyor Belt Mechanical Joint Method

Usually a belt buckle connector is used. Although this joint method is convenient and cheap, the power of the joint is low. PVC belt is very vulnerable to damage. Affect the service life of conveyor belt products. Belt PVC whole core flame-retardant and antistatic is used in conveyor belt joints. Generally, products below grade 8 belts use this joint method.

2.PVC Conveyor Belt Cold Bonding Joint Method

PVC conveyor belt joint are spliced with cold glue adhesive. This joint method has higher power and lower price than mechanical joints. Has a very good joint effect. But judge based on the results of practice. Because the process conditions are difficult to grasp. Moreover, the quality of the adhesive may have a very serious impact on the joint. So it is not very stable. There are many different types of adhesives in the world. If you want to know more information about adhesives, you can consult SCPLUS at any time. SCPLUS has more than 18 years of experience.

3.PVC Conveyor Belt Hot Vulcanization Joint Method

Conveyor belt PVC joints have proved to be an ideal joint method in many years of actual combat. Can guarantee very high joint power and very stable. The connector has a long life and can be quickly mastered. However, there are disadvantages such as troublesome process, high cost, and long joint time.

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How to splice PVC Conveyor Belt joint? About PVC belt joints has three types. If you want to know more about conveyor PVC belt joint types, please feel free to contact us. SCPLUS will provide more professional conveyor belt joint solutions.

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