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The flexible band is only suitable for light, low speed power transmission.

Universal adjustable belt, simplifying design, shock absorption, noise reduction, multiplying prolong the service life of the poor working conditions, easy installation, adopting the advanced formula materials and unique joint design, thus can provide to the engineers responsible for the mechanical design and maintenance digits of saving cost and time saving benefits.

Standard industrial power rating, extended belt life by multiple times, recommended installation methods, large-scale reduction of belt inventory, zero downtime maintenance, simplified design, reduce vibration, reduce noise, adapt to water, oil, steam and high temperature and other harsh working conditions.

The movable belt has: high strength, high tension, no elongation, no disassembly, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

The size of the flexible belt is 30m/roll and the material is PU.

The flexible tape is a number of the same vulcanized multi-layer hanging rubber canvas connected by rivets or bolts, each piece is easy to disassemble and reassemble the flexible tape.

The flexible band is only suitable for light, low speed power transmission.

Structure: Rubber canvas with rivet or bolt connection

Function: Light, low speed power transmission.

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