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PU Conveyor Belt Suitable For Your Industry

PU conveyor belts are relatively thin products, and their application range is often used in industries with relatively high requirements such as the food and tobacco industries. In today’s industrial production, ultra-thick PU cut-resistant conveyor belts are increasingly used. So what industries are ultra-thick PU conveyor belts generally used for, and what are their characteristics?

Black PU conveyor belt

Characteristics of PU cut-resistant conveyor belts:

  1. Excellent cut resistance and wear resistance;
  2. Excellent impact resistance;
  3. Excellent oil resistance.

PU conveyor belts have high hardness, a surface hardness of 85-90, a thick surface PU layer, and 2-3 layers of tension cloth. These physical properties and structural characteristics contribute to the cut and wear resistance of PU conveyor belts. In addition, the chemical properties of PU itself make PU cut-resistant conveyor belts have good oil resistance.

PU conveyor belt

According to the characteristics of PU cut-resistant conveyor belts, we prefer to use them in some large transportation volume, oil resistance, and cut resistance environments in industry applications. What industries are PU belts suitable for? Is there any suitable for you?

  1. Cutting machine industry
    The cutting machine industry just takes advantage of the cut resistance of PU cut-resistant conveyor belts.
  2. Steel industry
    The steel industry takes advantage of the impact resistance and oil resistance of PU cut-resistant conveyor belts.
  3. High-volume food transportation
    The food industry uses the oil resistance and high tensile force of PU cut-resistant conveyor belts.
  4. Conveying sharp materials
    The glass industry and other industries with sharp materials take advantage of PU cut-resistant conveyor belts’ cut-resistant and impact-resistant capabilities.
PU conveyor belt for logistic

In general, PU conveyor belts have many applications and can be used in most industries. Compared with PVC conveyor belts, PU belts are more popular because of their wear resistance, grease resistance, tear resistance, and easy cleaning. SCplus Belt is a professional conveyor belt manufacturer. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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