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Single-Side Grey Felt Belt Thickness 1.2mm

Felt belt with perforated or bonded guide baffle belt with mechanical buckle joint

Additional Information

The pulley diameters are valid for a hot spliced belt and at the indicated belt force. Depending on the splice and working conditions (e.g.temperature), different pulley diameters may be possible or necessary. When fasteners are used the minimum diameters are increased by approx 50%. Consult our specialists for available profiles and accessories.

Product details:

Product Data Sheet

Name: Single-side Grey Felt Belt Thickness 1.2mm

Product number: 62021032430

Product model: NE-4E/R12HC

Colour(surface/subface): Grey

Texture(sur/tensile layer): felt belt/fabric

Weight( Kg/m2):0.9

Min drum diameter( mm): 30

F/E at 1% ( N/mm ): 4

Temperature range( °c): -20~100

Number of coating: 1-PLY

Thinkness( mm): 1.2

Foodgrade: No

Antistatic: YES

Max wideth( mm): 2100


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