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PVC Grass Pattern Conveyor Belt

Splice types:

Toothing is always preferable, other is steel button


Main features:

High operating performance,good wear resistance,

low elongation,high conductivity ,good winding performance


-Roll material,endless belt

-opening belt prepared for site splicing

-Belt with hole,guide bar or baffle

-A whole opening belt can be processed by yourself

-Belt with mechanical button splicing

product details:

Product Number:6202011603

Product model:E8/2V245S9

Colour(superiace/subface): Black

Texuretsuperce/tensile layer):PVC Grass S9/Fabric


Min.pulley diameter flexíng(nm):60


Number 0f coating:2-Ply

Force at 1% elongation N/mm): 8

Temperature range(°C):-l5 to 80

Thinkness (mm):4.5

Food grade:No

Hign conductivity:No

Flame relardant:No


Suriace hardness:60A

Maximum widetamm):3000


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