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PU conveyer belt

PU conveyer belt (Transparent Mirror Conveyer Belt – Hard PU)

1. Brand: S = CLUPS

2. Material: PU

3. Thickness: 3.0mm/4.0 mm

4. Type of conveyor belt: skirt

5. Product Model: E8/2239S35

6. Conventional dimension: 100M*2100MM*3.0MM/4..0 MM

Product performance

1. Punching, abrasion-resistant, oil-resistant, nontoxic, sanitary, easy to clean.

2. It’s very aerobic.

Features of baffle conveyor

1. Increase the transmission angle

2. Less land and less investment

3. High transfer capacity and high transfer height

4. A smooth transition from horizontal to tilt (vertical)

5. Low energy consumption, simple structure, high strength and long service life

Product details:

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