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High Temperature Red Silicon Conveyor Belt


Size: 100m*2000*5.5mm

High Temperature Red Silicon Conveyor Belt

Construre of the porduct:
Charactistic for the conveyor surface: heat resistant, long life span,non-stickable.
Splicing method: buckle(In priority), vulcanization
The main feature: non-stickable, chemical resistance ,grease resistance, low/high tempeature resisstant, non pollution for the rubber,suitable for the buckle and vulcanization splicing.
We provide: in roll, in circle,open for splicing on site
Cleat/guide bar/with holes in the surface
Customization of the size and process
Splicing with the mechanical buckle.

Product detail:

High Temperature Red Silicon Conveyor Belt

Product Model: SIG-20E/RG55S2
Color(surface): red
Texture(sur/tensile layer): silicon / silicon
Weight( Kg/m2): 4.2
Min drum diameter( mm): 90
F/E at 1% ( N/mm ): 17
Temperature range( °c):0-180
Number of coating: 3-PLY
Thickness( mm): 5.5
Max width( mm): 1800

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