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Cutting Underlay For Digital Cutter Aristo SL

Cutting underlay Digital Cutter Aristo SL protection carpets for cutting size:
2.5mm thickness, 3.0mm thickness, 4.0mm thickness, 5.0mm thickness, 5.5mm thickness etc.

Cutting Underlay For Digital Cutter Aristo SL

Conveying surface features: Anti-static, flame retardant, low noise, impact resistance
Splice Types: Preferred Wedge splice,others open splice
Main features: Excellent sports performance, good abra sion resistance, low elongation, high electrical conduct! vity, excellent flexability
Available : roll belt endless blet Pre-opening belt or bonding
Note: Novo conveyor cutting underlay belt material can be cut to custom widths. Pleae contact me with your requirements.

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