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Black PU Conveyor Belt 1.2mm Thickness

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Application:Electronic parts transportation,steel plate etc

Conveyor belt characteristics:

Anti-static,flameretardant,lownoise .

Main features:high conductivity,excellent flexibility,

Application: Electronic parts transportation,steel plate

Product advantages:transportation,logistics transportation Horizontal conveying and climbing conveying process


splice types: Preferred Wedge splice and double tooth splice

Black PU Conveyor Belt Details:

black pu conveyor belt from scplus scplus black pu belt

Name:Polyurethane conveyor thin decorative pattern

product model: E8/1U216STRB

Texture: Polyurethane

Color(Top side/bottom side):black-white

Thickness(mm):1.6+/- 0.1

Number of coating : 2-ply

Temperature range:-15-80℃

Weight (kg/㎡):1.8

Force at 1% elongation(N/mm):8

Minimum drum diameter(mm):25

Food grade: NO


Surface hardness:90

Max width(mm):2000

Electronic parts transportation,steel plate


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