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Polyurethane PU Conveyor Belt for Food Industry

Conveyor belts that convey food are more demanding than conveyor belts that convey other products. Therefore, the food conveyor belt must ensure that it is safe, non-toxic, hygienic, and conforms to food-grade certification. Polyurethane PU conveyor belts can meet these requirements.

The polyurethane PU conveyor belt produced by SCplus conveyor belt manufacturer uses specially treated high-strength synthetic polyester fabric, polyester and polyester cotton as the bearing frame, and the coating is made of polyurethane (PU) resin.

Polyurethane PU Conveyor Belt

Product features: the surface is soft and hard. It can be made into an oil and grease-resistant white polyurethane PU conveyor belt. It has high tensile strength, good windability, lightweight, thinness and toughness, good grease resistance to chemical oil, cutting resistance, puncture resistance, abrasion resistance, good softness, non-toxic, Hygienic, and is easy to clean.

Polyurethane PU conveyor belt is fully compliant with FDA food hygiene standards, wear-resistant, physically aging, and is a durable delivery product.

What kind of food can the polyurethane PU conveyor belt convey?

PU belts are mainly used for packaging machinery and transportation of raw food. For example, Food grade PU belt application: flour food processing equipment, transportation of chocolate food, biscuit food, bakery food cooling track belt. Fruit and vegetable conveyor belts, aquatic products (fish, shrimp, shells), etc. PU belt has good anti-adhesion, fast conveying speed, effective separation of conveyor belt and conveyor belt without leaving traces. When conveying bread and dough, the polyurethane PU conveyor belt has oil resistance and wear resistance characteristics.

China SCplus is a professional conveyor belt manufacturer. We can supply PU conveyor belt for you.

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