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Responsibilities and Missions

After more than 20 years of experience, practice good product quality, Quality Assurance, Quality Control Production system, technique support, expanding knowledge of product, understand and application of on-site, digital service concept are the hard truth to win the market and customers.

Quality Assurance System

Control of the main elements of the quality system

A detailed technical disclosure shall be carried out, and a detailed technical disclosure shall be carried out before each part and process is constructed.

Quality Control Measures

Quality control of equipment material components

Guarantee before and after entering the factory

Inspection and manufacturing supervision of important materials and equipment before leaving the factory.

Strictly control the quality of materials

Including raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products, equipment delivery quality and entry quality.

Strict quality program management

Quality recording procedures, and standardize various quality management work with strict procedures.

Strict quality program management

Material management procedures, product identification and traceability procedures, process control procedures, inspection and testing procedures, nonconformity control procedures, corrective and preventive action procedures.

Process determination

The use of advanced management methods such as computer technology for management and quality management and control has strengthened the quality inspection and acceptance system, and strengthened the basic work of quality management.

Perfect quality assurance system, with high-quality product management and quality management personnel

Quality technical

Quality Control Implementation Methods.

Production process and operating procedures.

Check various records and reports, and deal with problems in a timely manner.

Maximize the degree of construction mechanization and increase the content of science and technology.

Process control

Quality objectives, quality assurance measures, inspection and test plans, equipment, product material requirements, personnel, safety assurance measures, environmental requirements, etc. shall be specified.

Quality function analysis, quality evaluation.Compile or provide work instructions corresponding to the process, such as technical standards, specifications.