Nylon Buckle On Felt Belt

NN-17E/RK Series Including: Thickness of 5.5MM

Mostly used for CNC & Conveying system

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Nylon Buckle On Felt Belt

The felt belt provided by SCPLUS is cut by digital cutting machine, ensuring the verticality and flatness of the edges of the felt, reducing the misdirection of the belt due to uneven cutting.

The thinkness of the felt belt is 5.5mm, and the nylon buckle has a layered length of 15mm.


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It has two sizes

Nylon Buckle-S+Nylon buckle-L


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Nylon Buckle is one of the self developed splicing method for the felt conveyor belt by SCPLUS.
It has the specifications such as easy to install, easy to maintenance, and it has the excellent conveying ability on small turning radius equipment.
This kind of splice is popular to different industries.

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The felt belt provided by SCPLUS is cut by digital cutting machine, ensuring the vertical and flatness of the edges of the felt,
and The QC department of SCPLUS make sure of the length tolerance of the belt on both sides is in length- / + 4mm, and the diagonal tolerance- / -1mm which guarantee the performance of the conveyor belt reducing the misdirection of the belt.
We also specially designed the buffer band.
The edge of the felt belt is specially treated to reduce
the impact during the turn and increase the service life of the band.

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With our many years of global experience, we will help you meet your challenges with an optimized solution that increases productivity and reduces maintenance costs as part of the product package.Choosing the right belt is the key to every successful operation of your packaging machinery.


As the world's leading belt manufacturer and solutions provider, we supply high quality conveyor belts, machine tapes, power transmission belts, conveyor belts, plastic modular belts and timing belts. Our application engineers, technicians and franchising experts are on hand to provide you with professional advice and support.


Thanks to our thorough understanding of packaging application requirements, a fully customer-centric approach, and a broad range of belts and accessories, you can rely on SCPLUS to meet your most demanding needs.

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Thanks to the special structure, our onsite service can guarantee your needs quickly.SCPLUS provide high performance elastomer cover combined with a patent-pending solution, fast and safe splicing is a breakthrough in the field of belt efficiency.our onsite service can guarantee your needs quickly.

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To get a Transmission solution for all industries.

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