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New event of SCPLUS: have chance to get the free for your felt belt

This is the best moment to join the event from SCplus !!!

Everyone will be guaranteed to have the felt belt for free!

Here is the rules as below:

The participator should be the customer of SCPLUS. Who has purchased belt from SCPLUS.

-Starting from July 18th to July 17th 2023.

the rule of the event: if you recommend a new customer who haven’t purchase from us. When it becomes successfully the customer from SCPLUS, you will get one point , which means you can receive 10 % discount on your next one piece felt belt following this process of reasoning.

When you recommend 10 customers to SCPLUS, then you will get one piece of felt belt for free.

The availability of this event lasts until July 18th, 2023. You are capable to change your point freely from July 19th to August 19th, 2023.

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