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Learn About Industrial Felt Conveyor Belt for Your Factory

With the rapid development of the machinery industry, the application of conveyor belts is becoming more and more widespread, it is also richer in variety, felt conveyor belt is one of the common ones, this kind of conveyor belt is similar to the blanket we usually see, but it is used to convey products, what are the advantages of felt conveyor belt? Why is it loved by so many customers?

Felt conveyor belt features

1: Strong PVC conveyor belt as the base belt, more tensile strength
The felt conveyor belt is characterised by its strong overall tensile strength. The main raw material used is a strong industrial belt polyester fabric, which is fused together with a new bonding technology.

2: The felt belt has a soft surface and does not damage the goods being conveyed.

Felt conveyor belts are designed to be very soft and do not damage the surface of the goods, especially when used in the ceramics industry, where they are often very protective of the surface of the goods and also have good impact resistance to keep the goods stable during transport.

3: The felt is compact and strong, with a lint-free, non-scratching surface.

The new felt conveyor belt is designed to be fused by a hot-melt machine, which allows all materials to be fused closely together and kept in shape, making the belt not only colourfast but also non-sticky, giving it an advantage in use.

4: High temperature, abrasion, cutting, water, wear and impact resistance.

scplus felt conveyor belt for cutting machcine

Felt Conveyor Belt Industry applications

Felt conveyor belts are widely used in the cutting industry, the logistics industry, the ceramics industry, the electronics processing industry and many more. They can be divided into single-sided felt conveyor belts and double-sided felt conveyor belts. The single-sided felt conveyor belt is a PVC-based belt with a high-temperature resistant felt laminated to the surface, while the double-sided felt conveyor belt has a strong polyester layer as the tension layer and both sides are laminated with a high-temperature resistant felt.

china felt belt conveyor for Ceramic industry

Electronic processing industry: In the electronic processing industry, the processing is all electronic components, and static electricity is everywhere in life, which can affect electronic components and shorten their service life or damage them. Therefore, anti-static conveyor belts are generally used in the electronics processing industry. Felt conveyor belts are also used frequently in the electronics processing industry, as they can conduct the static electricity generated during high-speed transport through the felt, avoiding damage to electronic components due to static electricity.

Ceramic industry: It is well known that ceramics are fragile items and the requirements for conveying them are relatively high. Felt conveyor belts are mostly made of wool, but also of cow hair or fibres, which are glued together using processing. Felt conveyor belts are soft and can be used at high speeds without damaging the surface of the goods being conveyed, and are also impact resistant.

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