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Is it necessary for the conveyor to use the guide belt

Guide Belt – SCplus Belt

The function of adding guide belt to the conveyor belt is only to prevent deviation.

Whether the conveyor uses a guide belt can be divided into two situations:

(1) If your conveying equipment is prone to deviation, you can use a conveyor belt with guide strips, which can effectively prevent deviation.

(2) The belt without guide belt can also be positioned by drilling holes to prevent deviation.

In addition to preventing deviation, what other functions does the conveyor belt add guide belt? Next, SCplus Belt will introduce other application scenarios of guide belt in detail.

Guide belt are rubber belt with positioning and guiding functions. The main purpose is to ensure that the conveyor belt runs accurately on the conveyor without deviation. It can also be used as material positioning on the conveyor belt bearing surface. The color of the guide bar is generally green (commonly used) and white, etc. It is mainly made of PVC, PU, PE and other materials, which can meet the quality requirements of different grades in general industrial and food and packaging industries.

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Commonly used guide bar specifications are: 6*4, 10*6, 13*8, and 17*11 (unit mm), and its cross-section is an isosceles trapezoid. Taking 6*4 as an example, it refers to a guide bar with a width of 6mm and a thickness of 4mm.

Next, let’s introduce other uses of guide conveyor belt

(1) Lifting/separating effect

Horizontal processing on the surface of the conveyor belt plays the role of lifting the material on the slope and plays the role of partition when it is flat;

(2) Protect the side of the conveyor belt

During the use of the conveyor belt, not only the conveyor belt is damaged due to deviation, but also the conveyor belt is damaged by the material falling during the use of the conveyor belt, especially the side of the conveyor belt;

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(3) The role of positioning and clamping

In conveyor belt applications, some customers usually need to position and clamp small materials. This effect can be achieved by reasonably processing and distributing the conveyor belt surface and guide conveyor belt.

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