Exclusive R&D for New Conveyor Materials: We provide high-performance conveyor material solutions for the following fields

· New energy battery equipment

· Coating machines· Punching felt belts· Magnetic conveyor belts· Edge banding machines· Dispensing machines· Die cutting machines· Edge sealing machinesPunching/Conveying Felt Belts· Automotive battery manufacturing felt· Industrial battery manufacturing felt· Battery case casting felt

SCPLUS High-Speed Flat Belts: High strength, high temperature resistance, low noise, providing long-lasting and reliable power assurance!

1. High Strength and Wear Resistance: Suitable for high load and high speed.

2. High Temperature Resistance: Long-term use in high-temperature environments.

3. Low Noise: Suitable for quiet environments.

4. High Transmission Efficiency: High transmission efficiency reduces energy loss.

5. Good Stability: Dimensional stability, not easy to deform.


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