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How to splice the PU belt (4.0mm thickness with the Diamond splice) ?

1.    We settle the PU belt (diamond splice) on the machine. Then we connect the splice together.
2.    To prevent slipping of belt, we use the tool to make the belt stable on the position static.
3.    We apply the glue along with the thickness of the splice.
4.    Make sure the glue has been fully applied (PS. Do not worry if the glue has over applied on the surface, it can be easily cleaned.)
5.    Each time, we apply the glue on 5-6 diamonds
6.     We clean and press the splice with a piece of cloth, do not touch with your hands directly.
7.   Make sure each joint is tightly pressed.
8.   Press the edge of the belt for 10 seconds to reinforce the splice.
9.  We apply the glue again to enforce the splice.
10. We seal the edge of the splice.
11. After the glue has been dried, we use the tool to eliminate the excessive glue to make the surface more smooth.

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