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How to Solve Problem of Conveyor Belt Deviation in Industrial Ironing Machine

Industrial ironing machines generally have single or two rollers (or three rollers, four rollers and five rollers) rotated by hand or electricity. The roller is heated by steam or electricity. After reaching a specific temperature, when the wet clothes are rolled between the two rollers, a large amount of moisture can be removed and the effect of ironing and ironing can be achieved. It is used for bed sheets, tablecloths, fabric flattening, etc. Due to the improper operation of the operator and the old equipment during the daily operation of the industrial ironing machine, the equipment will suffer from various failures. The following summarizes several examples of ironing machine failures analyzed.

Industrial Ironing Machine Conveyor Belt

Industrial ironing belt moves when the ironing machine is working
The reason for encountering such a problem may be that the lengths of both sides of the ironing belt are different, the springs of the ironing belt tensioning wheels are not adjusted properly, the conveyor belt shaft is bent, and the machine level is not adjusted correctly. Solve the problem of the ironing machine. Methods for the ironing belt to move during work:
Replace the ironing belt.
Readjust the spring tension of the tensioning wheel.
Replace the conveyor belt shaft.
Readjust the level of the machine.

Industrial ironing machine drying cylinder heats up slowly
The possible reasons for the slow heating of the drying cylinder of the ironing machine are: the steam pressure is too low or, there is water inside the main ironing drying cylinder, and the siphon is damaged. To solve the problem of slow heating of the drying cylinder of the industrial ironing machine, increase the steam pressure and remove the main ironing cylinder. Water accumulates on the flat roller—repair siphon.

Fabric damaged by industrial ironing machine
The cause is: the ironing belt is too tight, or the ironing belt buckle has burrs. The solution to the frequent damage to fabrics during ironing is the tightness of the high-speed ironing belt and deburring.

Conveyor Belt for Industrial Ironing Machine

China SCplus Belt is a professional conveyor belt manufacturer. Conveyor belts are also very famous in the washing industry. We provide one-stop services for customers of washing machinery, including on-site installation and debugging the standard conveyor belt operation. We will have technicians come to solve any problems after use.

Types of industrial ironing machine conveyor belts (can be produced according to customer-specified width):
A. Industrial ironing machine conveyor belt width: 50mm–300mm
The joints are connected with stainless steel hooks
B. Folding machine conveyor belt
Width: 50mm, suitable for domestic or imported folding machines
Width: 65mm–75mm, suitable for domestic and imported folding machines
Folding machine conveyor belts are divided into ordinary type and anti-static type
C. Ironing machine indicator belt and guide belt (small guide belt)
Width: 12-19mm 50 meters/100 meters per plate

The reference base for the industrial ironing machine belt:
A: Width: 50 mm, 75 mm, 90mm, 95mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 300mm (can be produced according to customer specified width)
B: Thickness: 2.0mm–2.5mm
C: Material: 100% pure cotton, pure fiber, polyester cotton
D: Thickness: 2mm
E: Density: 10 cm 78 latitudes
F: Elongation rate ≤ 1.5% (has been heat-set at 235°C)
G: Working temperature: below 180℃

The main functional characteristics of the industrial ironing belt:
A. Temperature resistance: 180℃, breathable, heat-resistant, long-life
B. After being shaped at high temperatures, the felt tape will not stretch or shrink after being heated, and its dimensions are stable.
C. The card color at the interface is firmly connected and does not break the head.
D. The felt belt will not deviate or break.
E. The felt tape is treated with static electricity, and there is no static electricity during use.

These are the dimensions and features of SCplus Belt conveyor belts for industrial ironing machines. If you are looking for an authentic conveyor belt manufacturer for your washing machine, please contact us immediately.

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