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How To Reduce PU Belt Joint Cracking

PU belt has been used for a long time, it will fail. The common problems of PU conveyor belt include longitudinal tearing, tape cracking, joint tearing, and wear of the masking rubber surface. Everyone knows that the conveyor belt can not be used when it is brought over. It can only be used after being connected into an endless belt. However, some people will crack or disconnect the conveyor belt soon after use, and it usually appears in the joint part. Why does this happen.

Because the strength at the joint of the conveyor belt is usually weaker than the belt body. At the same time, different joint methods have different joint strengths.

What methods are there to reduce the cracking of PU Belt joints?

pu belt

1.Change the way of PU conveyor belt joints

PU transmission belt needs to follow the roller for high-speed operation for a long time, and its joints may crack during long-term operation. Therefore, users are advised to choose a more appropriate joint method when using PU belting, because the joint strength of the PU belt may be reduced when the mechanical connection and the cold bonding method are used, and the strength of the thermal bonding joint is much better than other joints. Two bonding methods.

pu conveyor belt

2.Choose materials with higher strength to make conveyor belts

The PU conveyor belt produced by most manufacturers has excellent characteristics such as high tensile strength, oil resistance, non-toxic and hygienic, and easy to clean. However, some manufacturers produce PU transmission belt due to material selection issues. Therefore, cracks and fractures are prone to occur at the joints. Generally speaking, it is easier to ensure the strength of the PU belts by choosing materials with higher strength and better tear resistance.

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3.Strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of conveyor belt joints

The PU belt joints will appear cracks and breaks, which are caused by the wear of the PU belt joints caused by long-term uninterrupted operation. Therefore, the user should strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the conveyor belt joints during daily use, and remove the dust and other small particles under the conveyor belt in time to reduce the wear rate when the machine is shut down for inspection.

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In general, the company’s efforts to achieve the above three points can effectively reduce the cracking of the PU belt joint. SCplus PU conveyor belt has excellent characteristics such as oil resistance, corrosion resistance, good aging resistance and cutting resistance. One of the important reasons for the rapid application of PU conveyor belts in many different industries. Therefore, we believe that under the leadership of SCplus (RIZHI Transmission) conveyor belt manufacturer, PU conveyor belt can effectively improve the transportation and production capacity of the company.

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