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How to Maintain the Logistics Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belt logistics has been widely used in the industry. Because belt logistics is often in a high-intensity work environment, the requirements for quality are relatively high. Although the logistics conveyor belt has made many performance improvements after a long period of development, it is inseparable from the careful maintenance and maintenance of the logistics conveyor belt factory if you want to save production costs. Only in this way can the service life of logistics belts be extended. So how to maintain the logistics belt?

SCPLUS logistics conveyor belts

1. Before use

Logistics belt is a necessity for many companies and requires a certain amount of storage. So I want to extend the service life of the conveyor belt. Good transportation and storage conditions are needed. Under normal circumstances, logistics conveyor belt should be stored in a warehouse that is protected from direct sunlight, with suitable temperature and humidity, and avoids contact with chemical products to prevent damage to the conveyor belt. In order to ensure that the logistics conveyor can play a role during use, conveyor belts should be placed in rolls and cannot be folded, and storage conditions need to be regularly observed.

SCPLUS BELT logistics belt

2. In use

In addition to careful transportation and storage of the conveyor belt before use, correct operation is also essential. Because it works with the transporter to transport items, it needs to be adjusted to fit the transporter before it is installed and fixed. Choose the type of conveyor belt reasonably according to the conveyor. When should also reduce feeding materials, the pressure on the conveyor belt when the items fall. These require operators to get on duty after training, and the manufacturer will also provide complimentary guidance services.

SCPLUS BELT logistics belting

3.After use

After the regular use of the logistics conveyor belt, it needs to be adjusted. The load caused by long hours of work is relatively large. If there is a problem, it needs to be dealt with and changed in time, and it cannot be ignored to continue using it. This has severe damage to the conveyor and the conveyor belt. The production manager can establish a regular inspection and update mechanism for the conveyor belt so that the logistics belt can work better.

logistics conveyor belt

The logistics conveyor belt needs to be maintained and maintained no matter it is before, during, or after use. Only in this way can the producer’s cost be reduced and the conveyor belt will be of higher quality and serve the user for a more extended period. Nowadays, there are many high-quality manufacturers on the market, and they will provide corresponding use and maintenance instructions when they sell the products. You only need to follow the conveyor belt manufacturer’s recommendations and use them correctly.

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