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How to Maintain SCplus Conveyor Belts

In order to improve the service life of conveyor belts, maintenance of conveyor belts is very important. SCplus Conveyor Belt manufacturer has summarized five ways to maintain conveyor belt through years of experience accumulation.

felt conveyor belt

1.Keep the Conveyor belts tidy and avoid exposure to the sun or rain

During transportation and storage, the conveyor belt should be kept clean and tidy to avoid direct sunlight or immersion in rain or snow, avoid contact with acids, alkalis, raw oil, organic solvents and other compounds, and be spaced 1 meter away from heating equipment;

2.Store conveyor belts at a suitable temperature

During storage, the warehouse temperature should be kept at 18-40℃, and the relative humidity should be kept at 50-80%;

3.The method of storing conveyor belts should be correct

During the storage period, the conveyor belt must be placed in a roll and cannot be folded. It should be turned over every season during the storage period;

4.Conveyor belts should not be mixed

Conveyor belts of different types, models and specifications plus the number of layers should not be connected together for use, and the joints should preferably be glued;

5.Use conveyor belts correctly in accordance with the manual

Conveyor belt manual: avoid the buffer roller being covered by raw materials, causing rotation failure, prevent overflow from being stuck between the drum and the conveyor belt, pay attention to the lubrication of the main part of the movable body, but not greasy the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt is a belt conveyor Important components, which play the role of heavy raw materials, are widely used in processing and manufacturing industries such as steel industry, building materials decoration, seaports, and mining.

felt conveyor belting cutting machine conveyor belts

At the same time, because of different conveyor belting, there will be different characteristics and maintenance methods will be different. But the above five maintenance methods must use various types of conveyor belts

eg: Felt conveyor belt:

Main characteristic

1.Cut resistant
3.Excellent operation performance
4.Good abrasion resistance
5.Low elongation
7.Excellent flexibility

Felt conveyor belt advantages

1.Good softness, protect the products from scratching
2.Saving electric energy
3.Strong PET layer, prevent the tensile strength changing from environment temperature.Low elongation,ensure the high transport efficiency
4.Great strength, excellent flexibility
5.Professional joint equipment, wheelhead equipment, making joint more convenient

PU conveyor belt:

Main characteristic

Wear-resistance, oil-resistance, nonpoisonous and sanitary, and easy to clean.
Subsequent machining technology: It can add baffle, skirt, sponge, guide bar.
Characteristics of baffle conveyor belt
1.Increase the transmission angle
2.less occupied area, less investment
3.large conveying capacity, higher conveying height
4.It can smooth transit from horizontal to tilt(vertica)
5.It is suitable to convey powder, granule, small lump and liquid
6.Low energy consumption, simple construction, high strength, long service life

 pu conveyor beltspu conveyor belts

I hope that the maintenance methods summarized by SCplus Conveyor Belt Manufacturer can provide solutions for conveyor belt users.

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