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How To Install Digital Cutter Cutting Underlay

Installing digital cutter Cutting Underlay is very Simple and Fast

First, wear cutting underlayment on the machine

Pass felt conveyor Belt through the bottom roller and place the open teeth on both sides of the cutting table to facilitate subsequent joints.

cutting underlay

Second, the tooth weight is well pressed

After aligning Cutter Mat, use weights on both sides of the open teeth of the Felt Belts to prevent slippage.

cutting underlayment

Third, glue

Apply glue evenly around the diamond teeth. Pay attention to pad some waste paper when applying glue to prevent glue from leaking to the table and block the air inlet.

cutting mat

Fourth, the tooth bonding

After the glue is applied, align the two sides of the teeth and press them to level.

felt belt

Five, press teeth to ensure neatness

Make sure that the teeth and teeth are aligned neatly to prevent deviations after the joint.

conveyor belts

Six, hot pressing

Place a super long Teflon cloth under the joint, and adjust the industrial iron to 80 degrees for preheating. After the preheating is completed, place a rectangular Teflon cloth on the underside of the iron for ironing back and forth on the teeth.

digital cutter cutting undelay

Seven, chisel

We recommend using hard objects to help us remove the glue left on the teeth and make the teeth press.

best digital cutter cutting underlay

Eight, edge banding

Stick the edge cloth to the left and right sides of the joint, and press it with an iron.

novo conveyor belt

The above is the installation method of best digital cutter cutting underlay. If you need any help, please contact us, thank you.

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