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How to Deal with Peculiar Smell of Felt Conveyor Belt

Felt Conveyor Belt is generally used in some soft cutting or leather transportation industries that need to protect products. Because its soft characteristics protect the products from damage or scratches during cutting or transportation. But after using it for a long time, if the felt belt is not professionally maintained, various problems may occur. For example, the appearance of peculiar smell is one of the major problems. How to effectively deal with the peculiar smell of felt conveyor belting? There are three ways to solve this problem in RIZHI Transmission below.

felt conveyor belt

  1. To prevent felt conveyor belt from being damp and mouldy, it can be dried in the sun

Manufacturers of impact-resistant felt belts believe that since the felts are mostly glued with animal hair, it is natural that there will be peculiar smells due to improper maintenance. Generally. If the peculiar smell is not caused by foreign objects. It is mostly because the environment where the felt belt is placed is too humid, which causes the wool products to become damp. You only need to place the product in the sun to dry.

  1. The use of activated carbon can remove the odor of the product

The first method requires an environment with a big sun to remove the odor from the felt transmission belt. If the weather has been unclear, the felt belt manufacturer with stable quality suggests that activated carbon can be used to absorb and remove the odor from the felt belt. It’s just that this method will generate a certain amount of funds compared to the above.

  1. Use water washing for special materials according to the method

In fact, there is another way to remove the peculiar smell of the felt belt faster is to wash it, but the product is made of wool after all. If the method is used improperly, the felt belt shrinks and becomes smaller. Therefore, before deciding to clean the felt tape, you must carefully check the relevant precautions and cleaning methods. And do not clean it at will.

felt conveyor belting

Felt Conveyor Belt is an indispensable product in the transportation industry, cutting and other industries. Once the peculiar smell appears, it is a serious problem. Because of the odor absorption characteristics of wool products, when the odor appears, it means that the smell is already unpleasant. Therefore, the user must pay attention to placing the felt belt in a humid environment, and clean up the odor in time, so as to ensure the space and product Cleanliness.

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