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How To Choose Selection Scheme Of Logistics PVK Conveyor Belt

How To Choose Selection Scheme Of Logistics PVK Conveyor Belt

PVK Conveyor Belt is stronger and more durable than traditional PVC conveyor belt, horizontal rigidity, tear resistance, high friction surface to ensure high adhesion during transportation. It is the ideal conveyor belt for express delivery industry, postal industry and e-commerce customers.
Transport Logistics Conveyor Belt is suitable for baggage transportation such as Pudong Airport, Shentong Express Sorting Center, and E-commerce Operation Sorting Center. According to the asynchronous section.

PVK Conveyor Belt

RiZhi Transmission Belt manufacturer will have different PVK conveyor belts as recommended below:

1. If the discharging stage is divided into a stretcher belt, a sorting belt, a belt feeding line, and a roller feeding line;
2. The whole sequence merges and spreads, classifies parallel confluence conveyor belt, multi-directional confluence conveyor belt, impact loading conveyor belt;
3. Stacking lines, generally stacked conveyor belts, roller stacking conveyor belts;
4. Adjust the file placement, flow control line, generally with a split conveyor belt, with a split bottom belt, and a roller conveyor belt;
5. Spread the sorter, feed conveyor belt and acceleration conveyor belt;
6. Ordinary conveying, belt conveyor belt and roller conveying line;
7. The uphill line is a downhill belt, which is divided into less than 15 degrees, and between 15 degrees and 25 degrees, and a climbing conveyor belt greater than 25 degrees;

Logistics Conveyor Belt

8. Turning machine belt, turning machine belt can also be specially processed, edge banding machine belt or belt guide belt;
9. Identification line, scanning conveyor belt and labeling conveyor belt;
10. Induction line, mainly index conveyor belt, metering acceleration conveyor belt, feeding straight conveyor belt, guiding unit multi-line and single-line conveyor belt;
11. Sorting belt, with push-type sorter belt and pop-up sorter belt;
12. Discharge belt and final discharge belt, belt conveyor discharge conveyor belt, deceleration conveyor belt, and telescopic conveyor belt;

Logistics Conveyor Belt PVK BELT

Logisitcs PVK Conveyor Belt Thickness

Thickness of the logistics conveyor belt is 2.7 thick logistics conveyor belt, 3.6 thick conveyor belt, 4.2 thick conveyor belt, 5.2 thick Industrial belt manufacturer expert conveyor belt etc.

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