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How to Choose a good Felt Conveyor Belt Glue

What glue does Felt Conveyor Belt use? Many customers do not know which glue should be used for the felt transmission belt. In fact, there are two types of glue for the conveyor belt, one is cold vulcanized glue and the other is hot vulcanized glue . SCplus brings you a detailed introduction of felt conveyor belts: according to different situations, the glue used is also different.



Cold vulcanized glue  – Felt Conveyor Belt

Let’s start with cold vulcanized glue. Generally, this kind of glue needs to satisfy the bonding between rubber and rubber, rubber and metal, rubber and fabric, and fabric and fabric. Inmate reminds that because of the different operating environments of conveyor belts, the requirements for cold vulcanized glue are relatively high. For example, the downtime for maintenance of underground transportation equipment in coal mines is short, and the underground environment is harsh, and the most important point is flame retardant. This puts forward higher requirements for the cold vulcanized glue used.

There are many cold vulcanized glues on the market, but it is difficult to find one with more stable overall performance. SCplus can help you choose cold vulcanized glue. Welcome to call for consultation or online consultation, and you can help you answer your questions by telling your needs.


Hot vulcanized glue – Felt Conveyor Belt

Hot vulcanized glue is used in a conveyor hot vulcanized joints, as well as core rubber and surface rubber. This kind of material is mainly used for high temperature and high pressure vulcanization of the joint parts of the conveyor belt by means of a vulcanizer. For the time being, the core rubber, surface rubber, and hot vulcanizing glue will be unified into hot vulcanizing materials.

SCplus Belt Conveyor Manufacturer reminds that hot vulcanization materials are under strict operation process. The most important thing is that it is common to the original rubber of the industry conveyor belt. If it is not common, the quality cannot be guaranteed. When choosing thermal vulcanization materials, you must be prudent. RIT thermal vulcanization materials are more commonly used on the market. The quality is stable and reliable. It is a good choice when selecting thermal vulcanization materials.


The glue used for Felt Conveyor Belt Glue cannot be generalized. Depending on the scene, the glue that needs to be used is also different. If you want to know about more felt conveyor belts glue, please contact us


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