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High Quality Logistics Felt Conveyor Belt From Rizhi

The log power logistics conveyor belt itself will not start, and it is necessary to install a geared motor to drive it. It is relatively important to use the gear motor on the S=C PLUS logistics conveyor belt. Below we will follow the log power to understand Let’s go.


For the production line, the transmission equipment needs to be driven by the geared motor. The power of the geared motor is varied and the installation style is various. The gear motor of the appropriate type can be selected for the transmission equipment. The most representative gear reduction motor, motor power There are 100W-3700W, speed ratio of 3-1800, the installation method is vertical and horizontal, voltage single phase 110V-220V, three-phase 220V-380V, can be equipped with brakes, frequency converter, strong cooling fan.


The advantages of a conveyor equipped with a geared motor:

1.Adapt to strong, flexible layout

The geared motor is customized according to the parameters of the pipeline. The pipeline equipment can be fast or slow according to the precision of the staff’s skilled work. How much distance or upgrade can be used in any position or time. Therefore, the equipment can adapt to strong, arbitrary position. Flexible layout.

2.Reliable operation and continuous continuity

In some production units, the production line needs to operate continuously. Once the inferior gear motor is selected and the damage occurs, the continuity of the equipment in the production and transportation process will not meet the requirements, which will bring huge losses to the production. The geared motor made of high-end imported materials has stable quality, which helps the conveyor equipment to have good continuity, reliable operation and strong continuity, which avoids the problem that the production enterprise is worried about the unstable operation of the equipment.


3.Logistics Felt conveyor belt has low power consumption

Since there is no relative movement between the material and the conveying line, the running resistance is small, and the wear and breakage of the load are small, which is advantageous for reducing the production cost.


The geared motor can be said to be the heart of the transmission equipment. If there is no geared motor, the logistics conveyor belt cannot be used. Therefore, in order to make the transmission equipment more efficient in production, it is necessary to select a geared motor with superior quality. On the one hand, it is necessary to maintain it, thereby saving the production cost of the enterprise.

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