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Heat resistance felt belt from SCplus

If the felt belt will become smaller on your heat transfer machine during the usage, and what if the belt will have the waves and become unstable in the middle position?
We can help you to resolve these problems,
Scplus is the manufacturer of the conveyor belt ,our factory are located in Shandong and Jiangsu province,we provide the customization service,whatever you need the heat resistance for 180℃ ,230 ℃, or the higher temperature, we could fulfill your request, and we guarantee you that our belt will not become smaller and have the waves during the usage,
The regular width of the felt belt are 2300mm 2500mm,We provide the length and width according to your require.
We provide different thickness for the belt 6mm,,8mm,10mm,12mm until 20mm etc, but same performance on the heat resistance, which could help you to save your cost greatly,
We provide as well the felt belt for the cutting machine, PVC conveyor belt,if you have any inquiry, Please contact us.
please check the video in Youtube channel :RIZHI Belt


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