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Grass Pattern PVC Conveyor Belt

Product name:PVC Conveyor Belt

Product model:E8/2V245S9

Texture(superce/tensile layer):PVC/FABRIC


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Thinkness (mm):4.5

Number of coating:2-PLY

Temperature range(℃):-20~80

Weight ( Kg/ m2 ):3.6

f2d3b2 e24c5a9053f147f9a7e18b89b7726fe0~mv2

Force at 1% elongation ( N/mm):8

Min. pulley diameter flexing(mm):40

Shore hardness:35

Maximum wideth(mm):3000

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f2d3b2 0056bf46f7db4934999b5daa5d3cba97~mv2

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