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Felt Conveyor Belt Is Very Popular With Cutting Machine

Felt conveyor belts are a versatile type of conveyor belt, similar to other conveyor belts, whose primary function is transporting items. However, unlike ordinary conveyor belts, felt conveyor belts can also be used for material cutting operations and efficiently conveying materials. This makes the felt conveyor belt widely used in various modern material cutting fields. In addition, the felt conveyor belt also has a magical surface protection function, which can effectively prevent the item’s surface from being scratched.

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Features and advantages of felt conveyor belts

1. Cutting resistance, wear resistance, puncture resistance, soft surface, no damage to conveyed items

2. The felt is tight and firm, and the surface does not shed or shave

3. Large pulling force and low elongation, which effectively improves the phenomenon that the belt loses rotation due to extension and reduces the conveying efficiency.

4. It has good air permeability and excellent flexibility.

Application industry

Cutting machine industry

The cutting machine industry mainly includes oscillating  knife and CNC cutting machines, mainly used in clothing packaging and other industries. In this industry, there are some special requirements for the performance of conveyor belts.

First, the cutter needs to contact the surface of the conveyor belt, so the conveyor belt needs to have excellent cutting resistance to ensure that the conveyor belt will not be damaged during the cutting process.

Secondly, sometimes the material is relatively light and easy to fly, so the conveyor belt needs to have suction characteristics to ensure that the material can be kept on the conveyor belt stably.

In addition, the cutting equipment needs to be positioned accurately, which not only requires electrical support but also requires the conveyor belt to have small ductility and surface anti-skid ability to ensure that there will be no errors in the positioning process of the material.

To sum up, the special requirements of the cutting machine industry for conveyor belts include cutting resistance, suction characteristics, small ductility and surface anti-slip capabilities to meet precise cutting needs and stable transportation.

Felt belt for cutting machine

Steel plate industry

The steel plate industry mainly involves horizontal and vertical shearing equipment and stamping equipment, which are used for the raw material processing of steel plates. In the steel plate industry, there are some special requirements for the conveyor belt performance.

For shearing equipment, its products usually have sharp features, so the conveyor belt needs to have excellent properties such as cut resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and oil resistance.

The products of stamping equipment will fall rapidly during processing, so the conveyor belt needs good impact resistance. In addition, since some steel plates have a smoother surface, scratching during processing is undesirable, so the conveyor belt characteristics should include a soft belt body to avoid scratching the product.

The special requirements of the steel plate industry for conveyor belts include cut resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance and soft belt body to ensure efficient, safe and high-quality processing requirements during the shearing and stamping process.

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